How to choose plastic raw materials?
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If you are buying toys for children to play with, then choose toys of big brands. There is no way to distinguish the plastic toy from the old to the new. Lighting and smelling is only a method, and it is not easy to tell whether it can be distinguished. The most commonly seen is to distinguish between materials and materials such as PC, ABS, PP and so on. There may be some materials that can be smelled when ignited, but the smell of plastic is inherently heavy and it is not easy to distinguish. Moreover, the use of recycled plastic or new materials and recycled materials of the same material is even more difficult to distinguish.
The color can be redistributed with masterbatch or toner, and some heat-resistant materials are added to it. Looking at the color, the color can only distinguish the lowest-end toys. Because calcium carbonate is added to many recycled plastics. When the calcium carbonate is formed, the size is not enough, or it is unqualified and relatively coarse. It is easy to bulge on the surface. Then some may need to be polished (appearance requirements), and then surface treatment. You can't see it at this time.
Why do I recommend big brands? Not advertising, because many large companies can receive orders because they meet more standards. For example, Rosh, 9001, 14000, etc. Because when doing this, many employees have taken these requirements for quality, safety, and banned restricted substances into consideration. Because it was found out, the company can be said to be a disaster. Recycled plastic has one bad thing, it just doesn't know what is added in it. In some materials (not known to toys), metal fibers, graphite powder, and other additives are added. Many additives may be harmful to the human body, or react with the high temperature of the material to produce harmful substances.
One more thing to remember is to buy toys for children. Just don't stuff it in your mouth. Many children are curious about toys and always stuff their mouths. Some substances in plastic are harmful, although some use food-grade materials, no one can say that the incident is long.
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